PiYo Beach Body Home Workout is Coming!

I am super excited about this!!! PiYo Beach Body Home Workout is Coming! Lets LEAN OUT!!!

Introducing PiYo, a high-intensity, low-impact workout for a new kind of STRONG. Be the first to find out when it becomes available. You could win a FREE PiYo kit! Watch this sneak peek of Beach Body’s new at home workout program!! Watch it and you’ll see exactly why it is one of my favorites! 😉

Want to try a demo?
Love 2 Dance Fitness
500 N Reilly Rd Ste 110
Fayetteville NC
22 March 2014 1 PM
FREE PiYo demo!
Sign up for your FREE demo at www.Love2DanceFitness.com

DO NOT SIGN UP ON THIS LINK! This is just FYI. If you are interested in the program, let me know and I will make sure you get your copy.



Write your name in the comments below if you are seeing this on Facebook or send me a text at 910-338-9675 or click on “Contact Us” if you are seeing this on www.love2dancefitness.com and I will PERSONALLY make sure you are the 1st to know of the release date!

This is the program that can change your life. I got licensed to teach this because I needed something low impact but high intensity to help keep me moving with fibromyalgia. This is the program that I will be doing for years to come! “This is for you and your husband. For your mom and your child. For the football player and the homemaker! This is WAY overdue and we are so excited to see it come to life!!” Thanks Michele Park for your awesomeness! 🙂


Don’t forget – DO NOT SIGN UP ON THE LINK! Jo and I are Beachbody coaches and we will make sure you get the program.

God Bless and take Care!

About Love, Tonya

Tonya served in the US Air Force for 22 years where she performed aircraft maintenance on Avionics systems. She was also an Avionics Field Training Detachment Instructor, a Unit Training Manager, a Physical Training Leader and a Unit Fitness Program Manager. She was personally trained and certified to the rank of Red Belt in the Black Belt Salsa® dance system by the creator of BBS, Edie the Salsa Freak. Just prior to retiring from the Air Force, Tonya opened Love 2 Dance Fitness Studio and Baile con Sazon Dance Studio in Fayetteville, NC. She is also a licensed Zumba®, Zumba Kids®, and Zumba® Sentao instructor as well as certified to teach Bokwa®, Devoted Fitness® and PiYo® Live. Tonya is also a Soldiers Who Salsa instructor which is a fun and unique recreational therapy experience that transforms the lives of wounded, ill and injured military vets through partner dance. Tonya has danced Salsa, Bachata and Cha Cha Cha for over 18 years and has trained and performed with some of the world’s greatest Salsa dancers like Edie the Salsa Freak, Griselle Ponce, Nery Garcia and Giana Montoya, and Ana and Joel Masacote. She is now the World Team Project Fayetteville Director representing Adolfo Indacochea and Tania Cannarsa. Tonya loves to dance, exercise, move, have fun and think of new, exciting ways to inspire people to be active regardless of whatever challenges they may face. Her style is high energy, light-hearted and fun and one of her main goals in life is to not let her battle with Fibromyalgia stop her from doing the things she loves most.

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