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We Came to Dance

Dance heals. Dance inspires. Dance touches you in ways that nothing else can. Dance has been a lifesaver for me because without it, fibromyalgia would be kicking my tail. But with dance on my side, I am kicking fibro’s butt on a daily basis. Do yourself a favor. Put on some music and let yourself go! Go out dancing. Take a dance class.

Just. Get. Moving.

We came to dance

God Bless and Take Care




Salsa Baile con Sazon2

The lovely Rachel Cassandra wrote this article about connecting with your dance partner and creating something beautiful together. I just HAD to share!


Read it here:

God bless and take care!



Stuff I Love

Here is a picture of what makes me, ME.

God Bless and Take Care

3 Games To Make Dance Routine Cleaning Fun

These seem like great ways to motivate a dance team! I will give these games a try.

Source: 3 Games To Make Routine Cleaning Fun

Ladies Night with Baile con Sazon pics!

I had such a great time at my retirement celebration at DAP Drink and Paint in Fayetteville with the wonderful and talented painter, Shajana Evans, that I had to do it again.

We had a great time with paint, wine, laughs and great company.  Be on the lookout for our next event! We started with a Ladies Night. Maybe Couples Night? Or a Family Paint Party?

Check out the progression of my flower. Shajana is amazing instructor, because I can barely draw stick people! 🙂

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What Do YOU Feel When You Dance?

I love this question asked by Ana Masacote of Masacote Entertainment out of Boston. She is a beautiful, talented dancer who has inspired me more than she knows.


“What do you feel when you dance?”

Tonya Jump2

I feel freedom when I dance.

I’ve got fibromyalgia so every day of my life is filled with pain.

But when I dance,  I am free of pain.


I’m filled with joy.

I’m connected to my partner…

and the music…

and the energy of all the dancers around me…


I feel beautiful…

And strong…

I feel loved…

and I feel blessed to have this gift of dance. It is an amazing outlet.

So tell me, what do you feel when YOU dance?

God Bless and Take Care
Love, Tonya
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