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This Man…

I just want to take a moment to celebrate my wonderful husband. I love me some him. He is my blessing from God. I have no idea what I’d do without him.

Ladies, let your husband know every single day how much you appreciate him.

That is all.


God Bless and Take Care,

Love Tonya

Men Value What They Earn, Ladies…

My fabulous cousin, Dominique Clark, is a relationship guru and I just had to share this video of hers.


Click here for video —-> Post by DClark & Company.

Fellas, if you are interested in scoring MAJOR POINTS with your wife, you need to visit her website:!the-couples-experience/c1gz3 I will be sending my hubby her way ASAP.
I want that Platinum Dining Experience, Jo! 🙂
God Bless and Take Care

When Strangers Observe Your Relationship, What Do They See?

How many times have you been around a couple and felt soooooo uncomfortable because of how they interacted with each other? Either the wife talked down to the husband, or the husband made disrespectful comments to or about the wife or they were arguing in front of you like you weren’t even there?

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Marriage is NOT 50-50

I’ve realized how true this really is. Give your ALL or else you are selling yourself and your spouse short.

God Bless and Take Care
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