Minty Yummy

Minty Yummy Pain Relief 

A Perfect Blend of Healthy Natural Ingredients to Relieve Pain  and Detoxify Your Body

The overuse of medicine containing various chemicals and potentially toxic substances is crippling contemporary society. It is a well known fact that modern medicine sometimes merely suppresses certain symptoms of diseases without actually curing the disease. While modern medicine invariably has its positives, people are beginning to recognize the healing properties and tremendous health benefits natural substances such as essential oils and sea salts have to offer us. Minty Yummy Pain Relief is a completely natural product made from a selection of the best and healthiest natural ingredients, which help to relieve pain, detoxify and refresh the body and maintain overall health.


16 Ounces

Mega Minty – 16 Oz – $17


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No chemicals and completely authentic…..

Minty Yummy Pain Relief is made from scratch, from completely natural ingredients in my kitchen – it’s completely safe; devoid of any chemicals whatsoever. Used in your bath, this product will not only relieve pain and refresh your body, it also smells divine. Minty Yummy Pain Relief contains Epsom, Himalayan Pink and Dead Sea salts, sweet almond oil, wintergreen, peppermint and clove bud essential oils – all healthy, natural ingredients that have been used by man for millennia for their medicinal value. These ingredients themselves represent a vast range of medicinal oils and salts used from all around the world, now all blended together in this amazing product. It will relieve muscle aches, joint aches and tight muscles. In addition to this, Minty Yummy Pain Relief has awesome detoxification properties.

8 Ounces

Mini Minty 8 Oz – $10


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A message from the maker…..

Most modern products, especially bath products are manufactured industrially with cheap chemicals which are unheard of and at times, potentially dangerous. However, this product is created with a lot of love and authenticity. The creator of Minty Yummy Pain Relief, Tonya relates the story behind her efforts. Having served 22 years in the military, and being on various pain relieving medications to combat fibromyalgia and other health issues, Tonya realized that healthier natural alternatives were possible. After discovering the value of essential oils and natural salts, through pursuing her new found dream of becoming a massage therapist, Tonya decided to make bath salts from home. After sharing them among friends and family, she decided to finally share it with the world.

The medicinal properties of essential oils and sea salts are well known. Minty Yummy Pain Relief, a great blend of a variety of oils and salts is an amazing product that would certainly work wonders for your health. Prevention is better than cure, and using Minty Yummy Pain Relief in your bath will certainly be a step forward!

***Note: Minty Yummy Pain Relief doesn’t have any chemicals or additives including anti-caking agents, so it is normal for the salts to cake up.  Just give your jar a good shake and enjoy!***

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