PSA 911 Construction

PSA 911 Construction

This is my Public Service Announcement about David  Dave Sawyers and 911 Construction Company in Fayetteville and Hope Mills NC.

So, we decided to renovate our studio and we hired David Dave Sawyers of 911 Construction serving the Fayetteville and HopeMills area to do the job. We have been horribly taken advantage of and I hope to share my story and get a portion of my $3250 back.

A friend of mine suggested that I contact Ms. Diane Wilson, the ABC 11 Troubleshooter because she gets results.  So this is the email that I’m going to send:

Hello Ms. Wilson,

I am contacting you because I know that you have helped people in similar situations and you get results. I’m an Air Force disabled retiree and my husband is still active duty Army. We own a dance and fitness studio in Fayetteville NC.   We decided that it was time to do some renovations.  We really didn’t have the money to do it because business has been very slow but we were hoping that a new look would maybe jumpstart our business.  We posted an “ISO” ad on Cumberland County Side Jobs (CCJS) which is a Facebook page that unites small business owners with those in need of services.  (David Sawyers of 911 Construction has since been kicked out of the group for numerous complaints)We usually get fantastic results and have found great deals. We talked to a few contractors and decided to go with David Sawyers, owner of 911 Construction because they seemed very professional and according to them, they could take care of the entire project.  The project included new laminate flooring, new paint, new seating, new mirrors, benches and cubbies for our clients to store their personal items and a new receptionist desk.  And the best part was that they’d be done approx 6 Nov.  And not only that, they would ensure that they’d clean up and be out of the studio every day by 5:30 PM so we could have our evening fitness and dance classes! My husband and I took money out of our retirement fund, accumulating penalties but we figured it would pay off in the end.  So we cut Mr. Sawyers a check for half up front ($2000 which he had no trouble cashing by the next day). And we also started planning our grand reopening for 22 Nov.

Mr. Sawyers and his crew were supposed to start on or approximately 1 Nov 14.  About a day or so into the renovations, Mr. Sawyers called me and told me that our back wall needed to be replaced. He said that whoever originally put up the wall didn’t sand it correctly and if they painted it, it would look worse than before the renovations. He wouldn’t feel comfortable putting his name to work that would look like that.  We trusted him and for an additional $300, he said he’d replace the wall.  He told me that he would have the wall up in no time and we were still on schedule for approximately the 6th.


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I figured it would more than likely be the 7th and I had no problem with that.  Then Mr. Sawyers tells us that the flooring that we wanted was on backorder and wouldn’t be here until 17 Nov.  But he promised that he’d have all the other work done by 7 Nov and he’d buff up the floor we have now and make it look really nice until our laminate came in. I told him that was great customer service and I appreciated it and I would leave him a positive review on CCSJ.  He then said that since the job was taking longer, he would be losing money (???), so he asked if we’d pay him half of the balance after the work was completed (everything except for the floor).  In good faith, we told him that was fine.  7 Nov, our partner was at the studio with Mr. Sawyers because my husband and I went out of town on the 6th for our anniversary.  We told our partner to cut Mr. Sawyers a check for $1250 once the work was completed.  My partner had to leave so Mr. Sawyers talked him into giving him the check prior to completion by promising the work would be done by that evening (the 7th).

My husband and I returned to the studio expecting everything to be wonderful.  We were so excited! And we walked into a nightmare.  There was wood, sawdust, empty packaging, plywood, you name it all over the floor.  The back wall that they replaced was still not painted.  The walls they did paint were patchy.

Everything was horrible.  I was almost in tears.  Our clients had been in class the day prior and told us that it was even worse.  They had to help our Monday instructor clean up so they could do class! We tried to call Mr. Sawyers, but we got no answer.  We did not see them again until the 14 or 15th.

13 Nov 2014 – This is the video of how my studio looked $3250 later and 6 days after the promised completion date 911 Construction Nightmare Fayetteville NC

My husband talked to Mr. Sawyers and his excuse about the delay was the wall that he had to put up.  No mention of the six days that he was MIA with our money.

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Here we are, 19 Nov and our studio is still not done. We had to clean all of the mess up to make our studio at least half way presentable.  We had to cancel our grand reopening and as I sit here in my studio typing this email, Mr. Sawyers is nowhere in sight.  But I did find out that he posted pictures of the desk he built on his Facebook page.


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I’m attaching videos and pictures of what we’ve been going through since our return on 10 Nov.  Keep in mind that these videos and pictures were taken after we straightened up some.



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  1. Great and interesting site build you got going on over here. Fayetteville Native born & raised! It’s nice to see that WE aren’t the only ones who knows how to be all that we can be. Hopefully we’ll get to you and the family at the Murck Meet-N-Greet at Seabrook Park on June 13, 2015

    Posted on FB!

    Keep Hope Alive,


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